CEO and owner


How am I?

Straight and honest, but always in a relaxed way.


What does distinguish me as consultant?

Authenticity, and trustworthiness, my credo: Ignoring hierarchy levels, I meet everyone on eye level


What’s importing during the process?

100% of transparency.


I’m currently working on …

Becoming more diplomatic


How do I personally define consulting?

I’m there to provide solutions.


What’s my biggest strength?

I’m an excellent and active listener and I ask the right questions to get to know the company better every day.


What keeps me going?

Always wanting to learn more. In the best case together with my clients.


What does my experience tell me?

Standard solutions don’t work. The circumstances of our projects might be similar, but we always have to work with different people, different processes and corporate cultures.


What I can’t stand?

Inefficiency and blah.

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